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Our Reading Challenge: Read to the World Cup 2017-2018

Our aim this year is to engage the children in our school in reading for enjoyment, both at home and at school. Therefore, as a school, we will all be taking part in a reading competition entitled ‘Read to the World Cup’. This competition will run throughout the year and is intended to engage the children with reading and also foster a healthy competition between year groups.

The aim for each class is to earn enough ‘miles’ (1549) to reach the city of Moscow for the start of the World Cup on the 14th of June next year. Each time your child reads and reviews (on the review sheets provided) a take-home reading book or a book within class they will earn a certain amount of miles (see the table below) which will be recorded in class. Each week the total amount of miles earned from the whole class will be updated on a display board in the school hall. Once Moscow has been reached, we will then move to a ‘World Cup’ style tournament.

There will be prizes for the class that reaches Moscow first and also for the child in each class who earns the most miles.

Number of pages in book

Number of miles earned

0-20 pages

1 mile

21-50 pages

2 miles

51-100 pages

3 miles

100 pages

4 miles

120 + pages

You earn 4 miles plus extra miles for every 20, 50 and 100 pages your book has using the miles earned above.

E.g. a book with 147 pages would earn 4 miles + 2 miles for the extra 47 pages.

This competition obviously relies on staff and parent discretion with regards to monitoring how long it takes the children to read a book. Teachers have told each class that we will be keeping a close eye on how long it takes them to read a book and we hope to have your support in this matter. The most important thing that we want to happen as a result of this is that all the children enjoy reading.

If you wish to know any further details please feel free to ask. Contact: Mr Crookes, Literacy Leader